Double-tagging, or CSS vertical align 

I’ve tried several ways of doing this, and wanted to post what I’ve found to be the best. And based on testing, it’s also the most cross-browser compliant solution.

The issue is (seemingly) simple. How do you use the equivalent of valign=”middle” in CSS? With tables this was pretty simple. But we’ve all moved on from tables for layout. I hope.

While CSS (including CSS3) does have a vertical-align, you can’t use it in the same way for you text-align for example. You can’t simply tell it that all text within a container should sit halfway down the div.

The way I’ve found most useful is to double-tag. That is, to use a parent div, and then a child within it.

Here’s the code to show what I mean:

#content1 {

#content2 {

And then when writing the HTML:
<div id="content1">
<div id="content2">
This text will sit halfway down the div, regardless of whether I have one line of text, or three.

In essence the first div says “Go on, act like I’m a table”.  And then second continues, “And let’s just say I’m a table cell. Because cells *can* have vertical-align assigned to them!”